Happy holidays!

LLC Rīgas nami wishes you a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

22/11 Dzejtaurenis

After a period of absence, "Dzejtaurenis"*, contemporary dance and drawing performance, returns with a show at the Riga Art Space on the 22th November at 19:00.

15/08 – 23/09 INTRO Sigita Daugule. Facades and Structures.

The “symphonic” texture of the Sigita Daugule’s (1971) paintings is based on the structure of the work, which she constructs on the basis of enviable intuition about the self-movement of the form – everything from red gravel to pigment dust on the surface. The endless nuances of the “gray” and the “black” are produced by colour – brown, blue, violet, ochre. In a paradoxical way, Daugule’s paintings impact upon the viewer’s vibrotactile perception, similarly to the way that music does. Walls, doors and windows of Pārdaugava houses serve as the useful plot for Daugule’s paintings. Curator of the display is Inga Steimane, scenographer Christian Helwing.

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