8/12 Performance of Smeshariki New Year

On December 8th at 6PM from producers of popular animation serial „Smeshariki” – long awaited New Year`s preformance in Latvia in Riga Congress Hall.

7/12 movie „Les infidèles”

From December 7th a series of short films set around the theme of infidelity in the movie „Les infidèles” by Michel Hazanavicius.

22/11 Dzejtaurenis

After a period of absence, "Dzejtaurenis"*, contemporary dance and drawing performance, returns with a show at the Riga Art Space on the 22th November at 19:00.


There are both metaphysical and philosophical, as well as symbolic and realistic answers to this specific question. They can be found in art and technologies. The exhibition has several symbolic layers in which art from museum funds, new artworks and model aeroplanes live together. The exhibition is a thematic introduction to the renewed Aviation Festival that will be held at the Spilve Aviation Museum on August 18 and 19.

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