27/09 The Cavern Beatles (UK)

27th of September will be a big day for all the fans of The Beatles in Latvia - The Cavern Beatles straight from Liverpool Cavern in Riga Congress Centre.

26/09 Return of the rumba flamenco prince Jesse Cook

On 26 September Jesse Cook and his band return to Riga. Jesse has received silver award as Best Flamenco Guitarist; and this is a great opportunity to hear the great virtuoso within his European tour.

18/09 Nest of the Gentry - festival "Baltic Pearl"

Fyodor Lavretsky, the protagonist, returns to his estate in Russia after eleven years in Paris. He falls in love with Liza, the charming young daughter of his first cousin, but, being a married man, he is afraid to confess his love.

18/09 & 20/09 Runaway Train - festival "Baltic Pearl"

Set in Alaska, the film stars Manny, a dangerous recidivist (Jon Voight), and his cellmate Buck (Eric Roberts) who escape from a maximum security prison across the icy wilderness.

17/09 House of Fools - festival "Baltic Pearl"

n the border between Chechnya and Ingushetia stands a fenced off mental hospital. Not far war is being waged, but in this particular institution life goes on, ruled by its own values and complex relationships.

17/09 Maria's Lovers - fetival "Baltic Pearl"

A drama based on the story of Andrei Platonov's "The River Potudan", set in the USA. After surviving a Japanese POW camp, soldier Ivan Bibic (John Savage) returns to his home village in Pennsylvania, which is inhabited by Serbian immigrants.

17/09 To Rome with Love - festival "Baltic Pearl"

To Rome with Love is an exploration of its character's greatest fantasies and worst nightmares. This is to say, it’s an exploration of Woody Allen’s greatest fantasies and worst nightmares.

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