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Project development

The project launched - The Sakta flower market pavilions

The goal of the project is to install retail facilities which satisfy modern requirements and necessary conveniences in a harmonised architectural appearance, making sure that the pavilions fit in with the historical environment of the Vērmaņdārzs Park which is alongside them.  The aim is also to preserve the historical tradition of having a flower market alongside the park along Tērbatas Street.  This is a central place for flowers to be purchased in the centre of Rīga, and it is well known to one and all.

The project began with an international architectural competition in 2006.  The design process ended with a technical project for short-term buildings, with plans for two modern and one-story pavilion buildings with 16 and 14 retail facilities respectively.  Other improvements are also to be implemented as part of the project.

Address:  Vērmaņdārzs Park, Rīga
Existing stage of development:  Beginning of construction work
Schedule for project implementation:  October 2011 

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