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Project development

Reconstruction of the Riga Congress Centre

The Riga Congress Centre, which was built in the 80ties of the 20th century as the Political Education House with a proper hall consisting of 1200 seats, is a significant sample of the architecture of the day. As a result of the reconstruction, the house will preserve its characteristic architectonic image, which integrates the present-day light and dimensional lines that impart the feeling of completeness, uniformity and modernity to the multicultural centre. The Large Hall, the Small Hall, transformable conference halls, as well as a record studio with high level professional equipment, will be available in the Riga Congress Centre. After the reconstruction the Large Hall will not only become more roomy (up to 1400 seats for the audience), but, due to the appropriate re-planning and technical supply, will also provide large usage possibilities for the organization of different events – the cinema, congresses, concerts of various music types, the theatre, opera and ballet performances, as well as  symphonic music concerts. The above will be enabled by the newly-built, fully equipped stage, which has the largest portal aperture in Latvia, as well as by the dynamic acoustics system, which ensures the acoustic regime, appropriate for the event, in the hall. As a result of the reconstruction, the Small Hall (up to 300 seats for the audience) of the complex will become available for wider usage, too. The wide range of different composition conference halls and the extended multi-level entrance hall will provide with great possibilities for the organization of conferences and corporate events. 

Riga Congress Centre total space – 10 240 m2

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