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Project development

Office and Technology Centre Latvia, Riga, Rumbula

Area of land plot: 2.3 ha; 
Construction gross: 35 980 m2 / nett 32 870 m2:
nett office area 10 570 m2,   
nett public large premises 2 950 m2,
nett entrance-halls and stairs 4 800 m2,
nett underground parking lot 14 550 m2 - 513 cars
The development of the territory has been designed for: 1360 employees

LOCATION: The office and technology centre under design is situated in Riga City Latgale District, Rumbula, at the southern border of Riga 8 km away from the city centre. A two-level crossing of the Riga Eastern main has been planned on the NE side of the land plot. The technology park has been designed as the conclusion of the zone of Rumbula Park of the new Riga development centre, connecting the River Daugava with the transport highway. 

The complex under design has been elaborated in the context of the development plan of the surrounding territory and its development is divided into four stages. The spatial composition of the centre consists of three main  construction volumes with three overground and one underground storey. Each construction volume may be built separately, and in the fourth stage the two-level extension of the parking lot has been planned in the SE part of the land plot. 

These construction volumes are connected by 3-storey hallway gallery which ensures both the vertical and horizontal communication in the middle part of the volumes. In the direction of the River Daugava this gallery is accessible at the level of the 1st floor, since there is a slope here towards the planned green recreation wedge which connects the Daugava with the office and technology centre under design. The building has been designed as an energy efficient and environment friendly technology park in the green Riga.  

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