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Project development

Local City Centre Spilve Development

The area of land plot: land plot (gla)    324 ha
The total area of storeys    2 138 000 m2
planned office area    824 720 m2
planned public construction    83 145 m2 
planned commercial area    64 560 m2   
park and ride car park (P&R)    133 240 m2
Central park: 44.66 ha    
quay promenade and regional boulevards   31.7 ha
The development of the territory may result in:  workplaces - 94 000    
residents - 26 680    
places at schools and kindergartens – 4450

A new local city centre ”Spilve” has been planned about 5km away from the Historical City Centre and it is located near the N-S direction highway of city importance, which connects it with the centre and the planned Northern river crossing which will link the territory of Spilve to the main beltway of the city. There is the Spilve business aviation aerodrome and the territory of harbour in its proximity. 

The new centre of Spilve forms a part of the Riga City Development Strategy and is included in the conception of the Daugava left bank development. The conception provides that interconnected local centres with intensive construction that are integrated into the common structure of the city shall be formed at the crossings of the Daugava River, spatially highlighting this territory by the help of high-rise buildings. 

The nature factor plays an important part in the idea of the Spilve Centre conception; the development of the territory is based on the idea about the public outer space that unites the natural values of the city, the greenery and waters in a continuous system, allowing for free public access and movement in the city environment.

In order to create new qualitative city environment, the territory has been planned multifunctional, including:

  • a public central park with integrated public objects such as museums, sports and cultural objects,
  • the integration of a business aviation aerodrome with Class C runway into the territory development,
  • the formation of a conference and exhibition hall centre,
  • offices and hotels,
  • residential areas,
  • the provision of the district with social infrastructure, schools and kindergartens,
  • a public, 2.3 km long promenade along the bank of the Daugava.

The location of the territory on the river bank with the possibility of direct and fast arrival at the Gulf of Riga is very unique.  The vision is based on the usage of this unique factor in the planning of construction. Therefore a natural supplement to the construction structure is water areas. By this solution the usage of the watercourse would be raised to a new level of quality and would become part of the destinations of residents' daily rest as well as the way of movement or public transport.

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