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Project development

City Living next to nature Latvia, Riga, Jaunciema gatve

Area of the land plot: 23.3 ha; 
Construction: 53 920 m2:
dwelling space 30 340 m2, 
commercial space 12 040 m2, 
office area 3 300 m2,   
public constructions 8 240 m2,
underground parking lots 16 040 m2 - 450 cars and 115 overground parking lots.
The development of the territory has been designed for: 1010 inhabitants and 260 employees.

LOCATION: The territory is situated in Riga City Vidzeme Suburb, Bukulti, at the eastern border of Riga.  The territory is in proximity to natural resources – next to Bukulti Forest and Jugla Channel. The territory is in proximity to Brīvības Alley, which is the main transport highway from Riga towards the northeast, in addition, the development of the largest  Riga transport infrastructure project – the Northern Corridor, has been planned along the southern part of the location.

It is intended to form the territory as a multifunctional part of the city. The functional usage of the territory has been planned by taking into account the intensity of environmental impact and the character of the existent construction:

  • in the southwestern part of the territory a local significance multifunctional centre area has been planned, including the existent buildings and preserving the structure of historical construction around the central square and Bukulti Manor House Park;
  • in the northwestern part of the territory it is intended to form a residential area with few storey blocks of flats, diminishing the scale to private house construction when coming closer to the microreserve in the east;
  • the northeastern part of the territory and the microreserve in the middle of the territory, which is mainly flooded area, are formed as a facilitated greenery belt with allotment space, eco–gardens, playing fields and resting (picnic) places;
  • in the southeastern part of the territory it is planned to form a boat and water centre along the bank of Jugla Channel.  

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