Local City Centre Spilve Development

The Spilve Airport is on the Left Bank of the Daugava River, in an area known as the Meadows of Spilve. To the East of the territory is Daugavgrīvas Street. The southern and south-western part of the territory has buildings which used to be part of the Spilve Airport, including the main passenger terminal. To the West of the territory are small gardens and the Hapaka Ditch. The project is aimed at drafting plans to develop the infrastructure of the Spilve Airport and to attract financing for it, also ensuring that the relevant investment projects are implemented and the necessary material resources and additional financial resources are attracted. In future, the Spilve Airport must achieve the status of a nationally important civil aviation airfield, with the installation of an aviation museum there, as well.

Office and Technology Centre Latvia, Riga, Rumbula

The Technological Park is meant for companies which think about energy efficiency, saving of energy, and obtaining passive energy for new companies. The aim of the Technological Park is to facilitate the spread of “green thinking” in society so as to help in protecting the local environment.

Reconstruction of the Riga Congress Centre

The aim of reconstructing the Riga Congress Centre is to establish a unified solution related to multifunctional halls and recreational areas which, in the context of state-of-the-art sound and acoustic technologies will ensure the broadest opportunities to organise a wide variety of events, ranging from pop and symphonic concerts to lectures. The stages which are to be installed are aimed at making sure that there is room for a symphonic orchestra and choir. It is also important to maximise the number of seats.

Reconstruction of historical office building in Center of Riga

The Object is situated in Riga historical centre that is included in UNESCO World cultural legacy, in the culturally and historically significant authentic urban environment territory. The address - Lāčplēša street 60, namely, between Avotu and Aleksandra Čaka streets. Lāčplēša street is one of the most significant transport cross-lines of the centre.

The project launched - The Sakta flower market pavilions

The goal of the project is to install retail facilities which satisfy modern requirements and necessary conveniences in a harmonised architectural appearance, making sure that the pavilions fit in with the historical environment of the Vērmaņdārzs Park which is alongside them. The aim is also to preserve the historical tradition of having a flower market alongside the park along Tērbatas Street. This is a central place for flowers to be purchased in the centre of Rīga, and it is well known to one and all.

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